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Baxter is a total sweetheart and a gentleman. He had a pretty rough life before he found his person and now gets all the love and attention he deserves. Though I was warned that he may not remember me from one session to the next, it has taken him less and less time to warm up to me each visit. I always look forward to seeing Baxter and his adorable housemates! 

"Mara came to my house to visit with my 12-1/2 year old golden, who can be quirky and funny with strangers. I thought the first session would be short, because he might have a meltdown but I was pleasantly surprised. Mara was wonderful and patient with him. While he never laid down to relax, he did continue to stand by her and let her touch him for the full 30 minutes. His tail was wagging and he was nudging her hand for more attention when she had to leave. He was spunky (for an old man) and was happy the rest of the evening. I would definitely recommend doggie massage and specifically Mara. She really has a way with Baxter."


Chiasso is a sophisticated lady who LOVES massage! She always greets me with a smile and a full body waggle which makes my day every time.

"My 16 year old pup Chiasso and I have tried a number of different therapies for her aching joints over the past 9 months. The way she reacts and interacts with Mara tells me that this one is her favorite! By the second session she was stretching her sore neck around to try and give Mara a kiss. The most recent session, after greeting Mara at the door Chiasso went to the living room rug and layed down ready to go! 
Mara is gentle with Chiasso and knowledgable about where she needs the most work. It is, of course, convenient that Mara comes to the house, but it also helps maximize the time as Chiasso is much more comfortable in her home environment. 
I'm hooked and I know Chiasso is too."



This handsome fellow is Milo, he is ALL puppy! But, as his owner states, puppies need massage too!
"I cannot thank Mara enough for helping my little guy have as normal of a puppy life as any other dog his age. She came highly recommended from our physical therapist and I have been grateful everyday since for her knowledge, compassion and professionalism. Milo, who is my 11 ½ month old Bernese Mountain Dog and the love of my life, came from a wonderful, well-respected breeder who I searched the world over for. However, the breed is prone to having medical issues and Milo was born with a mild degree of spinal stenosis. Since he was 10 weeks old, he has been receiving physical therapy and manual therapy. Now, Milo is able to run, bounce, and jump, just like any other dog. He loves seeing Mara each week at our home and has made significant improvement in a very short time since we have been seeing her weekly. She has been an integral part of his therapy as Mara has taken the time to show me how to follow through with stretches and massages using diagrams and hands-on demonstrations that have really helped me understand what I can do for him. She empowered me at a time when I was feeling helpless. I would recommend Mara for therapeutic massages even for the typically developing puppy as it alleviates their growing pains and helps them grow with less opportunity for injuries. They are not with us our whole lives so it is only fair that the time they are here be happy and healthy. Thank you Mara for all that you have done for Milo and me. We will continue to look forward to our weekly visits and I will continue to recommend you to anyone I know!!"


This is Phoebe, a very sweet 14 year old Coonhound mix. Phoebe has been doing physical rehabilitation for arthritis and some lameness issues. She has recently been introduced to regular massage therapy to complement the work she and her owner are doing in rehabilitation. Phoebe thoroughly enjoys her massage sessions, often enjoying a long nap afterwards!  


Meet Lily! She is an energetic labrador who is not shy about showing her affection. She has recently discovered a new talent- receiving massages! She is truly a natural and her owner agrees:

"Lily is 8 years old and was suffering from joint pain and arthritis. Before massage therapy, she was struggling to get up and was slow getting around. Mara has worked miracles!! After only a few weeks of massage, Lily is a new dog! She is less stiff and much more active- and extremely happy! She has more energy and exhibits her old playful Lab demeanor! The look on her face during the massage is priceless- my puppy is truly satisfied! Thank you Mara!!"



Meet Echo, a long time client and easily one of the luckiest dogs on the planet! I have gotten to know Echo and her owner very well over the last year and a half and she has overcome so much. Despite being diagnosed with diabetes and a possible herniated disc in her neck, Echo is as happy as can be every time I visit her. Recently, Echo reached an enviable milestone of receiving her FIFTIETH massage! 

"Mara has been providing Echo massages for a year and a half now. I called Mara because Echo has arthritis in both hips and had a wounded shoulder from a fall. Over the last 18 months, I have watched the amazing transformation of a dog who could not sit, run, struggle to get up and walk, and not use her front leg, to playing again. Her rest is more peaceful. Her attitude is again joyful. Even her expressions are more relaxed and happy.
We are continuing with regular massages to maintain the progress that Echo has made thus far. She is always happy to see Mara and loves her massages! I cannot thank Mara enough for her obvious attention to Echo's needs and well being. I have my companion back!
With much appreciation, Tess and Echo!"

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